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My install guide specifically talks about putting the GPS antenna on top of the dash.....It shows multiple locations and suggest testing them to see what works best in your car.

As for the various possible cable locations, I can only explain so much in the guide if I am to keep it readable, I tried to cover as much as possible but there are certain things that are variable, locations of plugs, mics, accessories, and the cars themselves, I cant cover every possible variable, some of depends on the person installing to figure out.

For the phonebook its alphabetical search, you should not have to scroll, you type the first couple letters of your contact and it should appear at the top of the list, if you have trouble touching one of the names calibrate the screen as I instructed a couple posts before yours. Or maybe you mean its hard to touch because its small?

As far as finding info in these threads......I completely agree, unfortunately they have gotten so long and there are so many that it makes finding things difficult......thats why Darkoz gets POed every time somebody posts a new thread......it just muddies the waters further.

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