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Do NOT buy from seller "Blocked Out"

After seeing some of seller's FS threads, I sent him a PM asking if he had the parts listed below for sale.

Seller sent me three items:

Driver's side door lock actuator
Passenger's side window regulator
and hazard button

Upon agreeing on a price, I received the items.

Three things to note.

1. The hazard button arrived broken, because he didn't wrap it anything and just through it in the box. Mind you, this piece was floating around in the box with a window regulator and door actuator.

2. The door actuator arrived extremely rusty. The whole outside has rusted through. On top of that, the item didn't even work.

Immediately upon seeing the conditions of the items I received, I sent the seller a PM asking for a refund for the damaged goods. He asked for pictures so I sent them.


Again, I asked the seller for a refund. I told him that I wanted a refund because he did a bad job packaging these items and sending me rusty parts that obviously did not work.

He said that I would be responsible for sending the parts back to Canada for a return. When I asked the seller why I should be responsible for his neglect in shipping the items correctly and sending me rusty, non-working items, he basically said too bad.

He said that because he paid around $60 in shipping, that it's my responsibility to send the items back to him. The seller quoted me a price for the items shipped? Why is it my fault that you send me broken, rusty items? Why would I have to pay to ship the items back? What did I do wrong? I paid right away and informed the seller of the situation immediately. I even sent him PMs so he would have a chance to act and not varnish his rep on the forums. Again, he refused to help in a manner that would dictate that he cares about the situation.

I truly and wholehearted feel that this seller took advantage of me, and now wants me to spend even more money to send the items back to him. I have asked the seller over and over again why I would be responsible to ship the items back that were broken because he didn't package them right? I have also asked why I would be responsible for shipping back a rusty, non-working lock actuator?

I have all the PMs between our conversations.

Please be careful in dealing with this person. I am out all of my hard earned money, and have broken, rusty weights to show for it.

Thank you
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