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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Racing eyeballs? Are those the ones that come in blue?

I have testimony from on one since you're the first here to have mentioned them that I recall. Who testified on their behalf?

Here, it's either OE or Meyle HDs for CABs...and then those who like things hard on themselves and the cars and go Poly bushings...and I've read enough about poly to want to never consider it.

If you use track parts in a street car, expect the car not to manage the street as well as you'd like. Racing components are made for racing...flat tracks, high speed...so all race parts, though they may well work on a street car, that won't make the car any faster and it might lead to the cars earlier demise.

Don't start setting up your car for 1 day of racing and 364 of street. A BMW comes from the factory ready to ride on the Autobahn very fast.

Is your car not tracking true right now? If it isn't, get the alignment...from a qualified shop. But if it is, you shouldn't need an alignment for just CABs in all cases. If you were racing, that's one thing, but you're really not changing much when doing bushings. The lolipop has very little play in it.

Anyway, you started by saying you've read all the relevant posts you could find. I don't think you've come close to that. You'll know you've read enough when you realize that OE is almost always the best choice. Almost always, but admittedly not all the time.

Briggs and Stratton happens to make some parts that go great in our cars...still OE...just not BMW!

These come in green, at least that is what color they are in the picture on the bimmerworld website. I emailed the place and the guy that emailed back (after several back and forths with my endless questions) told me that he used these on his E36 for years with good results. I know opinions on this will vary greatly, but I suppose that everyone has a right to their own opinions. My main reason in considering something outside OEM stuff is that if the OEM fails so quickly, I want something that will last a very long time. Now, that can't be a bad reason.

Also, this website is a wonderland of helpful information. I was just telling my wife last night how I appreciate that complete strangers offer advice with no return expected. However helpful all this information may be, only so much time can reasonably be spent reading all of this. At some point you have to stop, fix your car and enjoy driving it. I will admit that always in the back of my mind I wonder if I have read enough. I just try to be balanced in my approach.

I do appreciate all the advice. Just because I may not agree with you in all areas does not mean I do not value your input. From what I hear on the web, you are a person to be listened to. Please keep posting for all of us still trying to figure it out. And anyway, if I later regret how I handled this, I will gladly repent and acknowledge your rightness.


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