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So it looks like carrying my Full size XD9 IWB might be exacerbating my lower back issues, I started noticing the pain for a few weeks but didn't made the connection till now. Anyone else hear of or experience lower back pains carrying IWB?

Right now I'm considering a few options

1)New Gun belt - Heard it's supposed to spread the weight more evenly, but I'm not sure this will completely fix the issue

2) OWB Holster- Any recommendations? I like the Raven Concealment Phantom so far

3)New smaller carry gun- I checked out a few handguns tonight
-M&P Compact- Probably my favorite so far
-Glock 26 - It felt ok with the extended mag
- XD Sub compact - Familiar Platform, though it appears to be a bit thicker than the M&P

I also considered a KAHR, but it seems like my hands are too big for a single this weird? Any other big handed folks carry Kahrs? I'm really partial towards going single stack
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