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This actually reminds me quite a bit of my story... Not quite so many bumps and accidents, but none the less:

Engine had coolant leak, so did cooling system overhaul.
Still leaking, so let it be.
Tranny lost reverse, though annoyed i let it be.

Cheap engine plus manual tranny for 500$? Sure cant be that bad

Engine + tranny swap = WIN

Diff shattered : 3,38 diff

Rust on hood = M3 hood

Crack in front bumper = M3 bumper

Melted rear bumper with OEM exhaust = Mtech 2 bumper

Needed cheap diffuser = carbon diffuser

Needed matching front lip = hamann carbon lip

Needed matching interior to the M3 front bumper = Imola M3 interior

Needed matching steering wheel = M3 steering wheel with thick leather! (awesome)

Needed sound system to go with the Hamann Kardon in the M3 interior = Dynavin with aftermarket alpina amps in trunk

Aaaand the list goes on!

Loving your car! Looks good when you compare it to the stock first pictures! Keep it up!
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