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Originally Posted by jneumann View Post
Figured I'd post my new-to-me Z4 that I've spent almost 2 months hunting down. Bought this one in Nashville last weekend. I had many bought out from under me before I could get a deposit put down, and two people tried to buy this car with cash over the course of the 9 hours it took me to drive down to Nashville to see it.

Toledo Blue on Black 2003 Z4 3.0i, 6spd manual, 60k miles
Sport, Premium, and Convenience packages + heated seats and bi-xenons.

Got a pretty good deal on it, but it's only had ~1500 miles put on it in the last few years because the previous owner was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident 3 years ago. Needless to say it needs a little work. Couldn't apply more than 15% throttle the whole 600 miles home or else it would bog pretty badly. Fixed many large cracks in the lower intake boot while I wait for a new one, and have 2 new coils coming in tomorrow. Got a new battery and I still need to replace the batteries in the fobs since it has been sitting so long.
Also is missing a few bits behind the front bumper. (can see in first picture)
Otherwise, it is in excellent condition from being garaged most of it's life.

Even with the acceleration issues, this car is fun as hell!
Completely and totally different from the E46. Absolutely no competition in the handling department.

Very very nice!!! So, when are you gonna show it off to the Madison people? I think we should plan a get together over beer!

Originally Posted by mestupmonkydude View Post
Sorry to hear that whammy. I haven't seen you posting much. Hows it going. Thanks for that free oil.
It is going well. Sorry, I just have not had time to post of e46 much. Only when I am jonesin' for some info or bored. I am glad you got to use the oil.

How's life with you?

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