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Originally Posted by Darkoz View Post
^ I have the V4 Dynavin and the supplied GPS cable was long enough to reach the rear parcel shelf.
I have the antenna magnetised to the centre restraint bolt location.
In regard to cable length, I put in an extension as I wasn't sure how long the OEM lead was (D99) and just wanted to get the job finished as I was under a little pressure from the bride as we only have one car. The other reason is that I wanted to be able to connect to the BMW GPS sensor to see if it is compatible which I will do when an SMA/SMB adapter arrives. I have received conflicting stories on sensor compatibility so figured the easiest was to just try it. For information, I am using a 5 metre extension cable and can see no evidence of signal loss as the unit is typically showing GPS lock with 10-12 satellites.

Will post the results of the BMW sensor test when completed.
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