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Originally Posted by vanroekel06m3 View Post
If you're not trying to be an a$$, then why would you say that. Yes, I understand what the word "sold" means. You posted "pretty sure it's sold....update once it's final" Just waiting for that update and now I got it. Thanks.
You're right...I did say that and if you look at the original post which would have all the info about the exhaust and the sale...
It says "Sold".
the last time I edited it was 12-12-11

I edited the original thread instead of adding a new reply.....this was to prevent the thread from being bumped back up to the top.

This is a common forum practice.
You should always read the "OP" or original post FIRST.
This usually lays out the details of the sale and includes pictures.
If you see should assume its sold or no longer for sale for what ever the reason may be.

Just trying to help.
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