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Thanks for the input JJ & Reedo.

So I rented the PM9 at the range this weekend and put some rounds through it. I shot it fairly well, though I did experience some Trigger Sting, I guess this has to do with with my grip? (thoughts?).
While the grip is thin for my hands, I like the length of it, and I'm thinking it might work with some grip sleeves?

I also shot a Glock 26 and a Kimber Aegis Ultra, both of which I've now ruled off my list.
The Kimber's trigger was pretty awesome (short and sweet) and it's definitely on my wishlist down the line, but the gun is just as heavy as my XD, so it wouldn't meet my current need for a carry gun. The Glock my least favorite, grip was too short and recoil seemed harsher

I am a little concerned with Kahr's reputation for being "finicky" though (I've had 3 different gun shop guys tell me that), because of that, as well as their price, I'm putting the PM9 at the bottom of the list for now (at least till I shoot a few more guns)

I've also started researching the Walther PPS and the M&P9C, but will need to shoot them this weekend, but for now here is my list

1)Walther PPS
2)M&P 9c
3)Kahr PM9

Any feedback on the Walther vs the M&P?
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