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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
I doubt your parasitic current draw has anything to do with ground or chaffed wiring.

More than likely a problem with an electronic component that is not shutting off, radio, GM5 module, keyfob antenna, BMW Assist or something like that.

Suggest you actually measure the current draw after 16 minutes the car should go into sleep mode and the current draw should drop.

If you have a way to automatically log the current draw, this would be good to see what the current draw does over time.

I would expect that the sleep or standby current draw should be approximatle7 40-90 mA as the max. Even 90 mA is probably on the high side, but this is just guess as I have not actually measured any of my BMW's yet.

The other thing is have you checked the battery out completely, what is the battery reserve capacity and what type of battery are you using?
Can you tell me how to log the current over time while Keeping the battery connected ? I have to detach the pos. terminal and put my Fluke inline with it. The does not allow my to start the car, i would need a 50 AMP meter that could handle the large current draw when you start the car and run it with all the lights and stuff running.

i understand about they 16 min wait time and the bmw spec for current draw of 50-70 mamps. I usually draw only 10-30 mamps.

I think the best path it to get a Current meter that is accurate and that has an output for rs232 or usb and that plots the current draw. I could also get a card or box that gives me multiple channels and i could put them on multiple fuses to catch when one is staying on.

if anyone could recommend a reasonably priced one, it's seems like an easy thing to give you probes or little clips/wires that feed a box which then feeds a laptop. i know that some of these were 5000 when they came out. They need to recoup R and d costs.

Thanks, CH
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