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I just got quoted by VAC for a STG1 rebuild in the low 2000s including parts and a labor. That isn't tooooo bad...
Originally Posted by KickTheCAN View Post
Imo, I'd just swap a S54 in then think about FI.

I think that'd be the best. Most likely, the motor would be less than 100k miles and with FI, the results are greater than an M54. I figured, once past 150kmiles, might as well swap a different engine in instead of rebuilding, but that's me.

It doesn't even have to be an S54, could be another 3L M54. Just my 2 cents though. Also might have to think about reinforcing chasis, etc. From what I read, the engine has to be in tip top shape before even thinking about FI...and that costs a lot on top of the price of a kit
I really want to avoid S54 for my car, even though it's my favourite motor next to the S85. For some reason I hate the idea of having a S54 in a non-M - why not just the whole M3 instead then? I dunno, lol. Getting a healthier low-mileage M54 would be a nice alternative.
Originally Posted by steven747 View Post
if your burning oil check your oil separator ofhg .. check your drive if you have leaks you might not be burning. yes build some internals and slap a stage 1 on you will be happy
ofhg? No leaks, VCG was done recently.
Originally Posted by Rob43 View Post
OP, it really would be more cost effective to either swap in a Complete S54 motor, or simply sell your current 330 & buy a new used E46 M3 in good condition.

Good luck.
I would get pennies for my high mileage 330, and after just redoing the entire interior to Imola and purchasing a 6spd, it would be such a waste I'd have to painstakingly part her out to recoup enough funds to buy a cheap M3.
Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
You should do a leakdown test. That'll let you know quite a bit. Rebuilding bottom end on these cars is pricey. A valve job won't be nearly as bad.

You can spend as much as you want to throw at it. If you want to make more FI power, lower compression will allow you to run more boost. Of course, it's not as cheap as dropping low compression pistons into a KA24DE out of a 240sx. The market just isn't there. Stock block is probably good to If you find that your rings are toast, you might consider just finding a low mileage M54 to drop in. Technique claims 430 crank hp from their stage 2 with only a new head gasket and upgraded studs. If you're wanting more than that, you should probably head over to a more specialized forum... They can lead you in the right direction.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the oil burning is probably due to the valve seals. I doubt I need an extensive rebuild, probably all top end.

TT STG2 is exactly what I'm going for here. I just want to make sure my motor is reliable at this mileage to handle that power. I doubt I'll go for another more than what TT STG2 offers, I want to move to a different project after that is done.

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