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Originally Posted by Kris.R View Post
Thanks for the thread OP! I replaced my DISA O-Ring yesterday with the aforementioned replacement one from O'Reilly's Auto. I noticed that after I installed the new o-ring, it didn't sit flush with the intake port. I lined it up as best as I could, coated the new o-ring with motor oil, and tightened the screws back and fourth to ensure an even fitment. After doing that, I took what I like to call a "dentist mirror" lol and checked underneath the DISA and I noticed that I can see the bottom of the new o-ring as it's not a completely flush fitting with the port. I did however remove the DISA again and tried to reseat it to see if I can get a better fit, but it ended up being the same. I don't know if over time that exposed portion will detoriate due to the elements from the engine bay, but only time will tell. I thought I'd share my personal experience with this. Also wanted to note, I noticed that my low-end torque is a little bit more consistent than it was before.
I have something similar to you, except I used the Felpro O-ring for the fords mentioned somewhere on these forums. Since the o-ring is a little thicker than the oem stuff, I can still see a tiny bit of the o-ring if I look at the reinstalled DISA valve from the top closely and shine a light on it. By tiny I mean like maybe 1mm or less. The o-ring stays in position and does not roll off. Otherwise, the two bolts are secured tightly. Is this normal?

Another question, since we are now using the o-rings and not the 1-time-seal factory stuff, can we now remove the DISA valve as many times as we like?

Just did all this tonight as well as an 'attempt' to change the lower intake boot; was too much of a pain so I gave up..instead I ran my fingers through the cracks as thorough as possible feeling for tears and cracks, so far so good. Might try this another day..Oh and when all said and done, tried to start the car and voila battery too low to crank. So now I must wait until next morning lol.
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