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Originally Posted by Locutus09 View Post

For First CCW holster, would crossbreed be a decent start? Trying to order up something here soon.
Yeah, it'd be a good holster to have, regardless of it being a starter holster. It's always best to have multiple holsters for different types of carry options. I have 4 different carry options for my Glocks. IWB, OWB, shoulder and ankle.

Others like the KingTuk and the CompTac are pretty much the same thing.

Originally Posted by Rush4theYehO View Post
For conceal carry - I ran into an issue with my raven. Not build quality or anything, it was fantastic. However, my body is fairly thin, I'm not a huge guy. 5'10, 170lbs. The holster was simply far too wide. It was like I had a plank on my hip. In other words, the curve of the holster was not enough to accomodate my body. I ended up selling it. I carry with a Comptac MTAC. Absolutely love it.
Yeah, if you're thin it may be difficult. I'm not thin, but then and again, I'd be getting the M&P9 Pro for tactical/training use. It'd be with outside carry on my battle belt.
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