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I missed logging on for a night and look at all of the responses.

I thank you, but it's actually too late. I was feeling frisky last night and ended up ordering a direct replacement for my current holster (Shielded Holsters Double Phalanx) and a Raven Concealment Phantom.

Shielded Double Phalanx:
Tactical Cutaway
Requested Kydex clips instead of metal, personal preference.

Raven Concealment Phantom:
IWB Tuckable Soft Loops
Standard Cut
Full Body Shield
Quick Ship!
I thought about going with the MD cut, but I never wear it forward of 3:00 so it wasn't worth the extra wait time.

I also still have the G-Code holster for the Brokos Belt, which is a great holster if anyone needs a kydex for OWB. I really don't like the mounting system for IWB though. Otherwise, I would have just gotten that.

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