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I did it! Car problem fixed. In summary:

One winter's day 'someone' decides to move my car an inch for room and turn my car on and off within 15 seconds. I tried to start the car up the next day and...
-Rough/shaky idle, RPMs dropping...dropping..stall
-Read a few of misfire codes on cylinders 3,4,5. (P1349, 1346, 1350)
-Car would stall within 10 seconds on subsequent startups, eventually coming to a point where it would crank but not turn on

To fix this...
-Ordered an O-Ring for the DISA Valve off ebay---> Fel-Pro part number - 35489
-Scraped the old seal off the DISA and replaced it with this o-ring
-Reinstall DISA. (while you're doing this, its good to inspect/replace your upper and lower intake boots if it has any tears)

Also, my car had startup issues not pertaining to the DISA o-ring leak. After the DISA fix, the battery of my car became weak. My car wouldn't crank at all, but I could hear the starter. (Not a dead battery though because I didn't have that 'click click click' sound and my electronics were powered). Charged the battery over night. Tried to start her up but this time it would crank but not start. Fuel pump is audible on key position 2. For those of you who have similar issues and is NOT alternator/battery/fuel system related, your cylinders are flooded. To fix this I...

-Pedal to the metal (FLOOR GAS PEDAL)
-Turn key to crank the car while pedal floored, and let it crank for about 5 seconds. This will shut off fuel delivery, and while cranking it will burn off the fuel trapped in the cylinders. If the car doesn't turn on, wait a minute and repeat. After the second try my crank speed gradually increased and then.....I profited.

Idled for 25 minutes no problems, no misfires.

Car is January 2001 BMW 325CI with 106k miles. Repairs within 3 months include spark plugs and intake camshaft position sensor. Combined mileage is about 7.9L/100KM in the winter, 7.5L/100KM in the summer or ~30 MPG.

With cylinder flooding, I may suspect some of the gas may leak past the rings and into the oil. My dipstick has a hint of gasoline smell on it, and my oil gas cap even moreso, now with yellow stuff from condensation. Oil level is now a little above the maximum mark (if I remember correctly, I topped it off to the middle of the min/max level). Is an oil change required?

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