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CCV was a pain the first time I changed it. Next time, things went much better. If I remember correctly, moving the PS res makes it a ton easier. You have to rotate it completely to get it off and then back on. Annoying.

Replace the hoses, too, if you haven't. I'm due for a CCV change again.

Originally Posted by LivesNearCostco View Post
The OFHG isn't such a pain to replace. You remove the airbox, accessory belt, and alternator. Unbolt and set aside (but do not disconnect) the PS reservoir and PS pump. You might remove tensioner and idler pulleys too but that might not be necessary. Remove 6 bolts (keep the location straight--different lengths), clean off mounting surface and put in new OFHG.

But Steven747 also suggested checking oil separator/CCV. It takes vapors from the crankcase/valve cover and sends oil down into the dipstick tube and the vapors into the intake somewhere to be burned up. When CCV gets old, it can send more oil into the intake instead of down the dipstick tube. It's supposed to be hard to get to (I haven't done it) but if that's the cause of your oil loss, it's a lost cheaper/easier than a valve job!
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