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Originally Posted by hassmaschine View Post
probably because we were all 16 year old drivers at one point in our lives.... I'm glad my first car was a slow POS.

never broke a speed limit? EVER? that's really, really hard to swallow, from a 16 year old male driving an M3. Especially since the "flow of traffic" is usually at least 5mph over the limit - and in CA, it's usually 20 over the limit on the freeways. My car isn't especially fast and it's not hard at all to be doing 90+ if you sneeze on the go-pedal.

maybe you're more responsible than most 16 year olds - fine, but don't kid yourself. most 16 year olds in a car like that are going to be a terror on the road.
I'm 17 and had my 325xi for 6 months (I worked 50 hour weeks and two jobs over the past two summers along with mowing lawns since I was 9). I can safely say that my car has never gone over 75mph. I've taken the "street survival" driving course along with drivers ed. I know that if I speed even once with my luck I'll get pulled over. Its not worth it to me.

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