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Originally Posted by FreddyM3 View Post
I am 45 (and feel and look YOUNG in my M3!!!!) and had to really think hard about buying a used M3 for over $20,000 with the possibility of large repair bills. I waited until I paid my house off so I would have plenty of extra money. Any kid 16 or 20 that "saved up enough money" to buy an M3 either has worked really hard from about age 10 (I am calling BS) and had someway of making more money than they are probably worth (worked for Mommy and Daddy), or M&D put in the other $15,000 once they saved up the $5,000 to go with it. When I was 20ish all I could do was worry about getting through college while driving a Fort Escort, amongst other Chrysler products. Man were they P's OS!
I'm 21, and have a m3 that I payed for myself. And my brother is also 21 and drives a 2011 ford raptor that he is paying for himself. My family lived in a difference province until about 2 months ago and they never had any sort of business that we could work at. So it is possible for a younger person to save up and buy one on there own. Granted that about %90 of younger people that have one most likely got money from there parents.
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