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Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
Good luck dwass! I'd like to see what your split/diet looks like.


All the regulars here should have one. Keep each other motivated and share splits, diets, and whatnot.
Thanks! Diet is a big part of the problem right now. Since I no longer drive to work (I take the subway or walk when the weather is nice) carrying stuff is not as easy as it used to be. Sodium has become one of my macronutrients and I don't feel as healthy as I'd like to feel.

Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
What's your goal, weight or shape wise?
While I'll keep track of my weight, I don't have a goal. I just want to look and feel better. I would like to tighten up my midsection, get a little more of that X-shape, and get better separation between muscle groups. Above all, I want to do it while still feeling good.

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Daveeeeeeeeeee! Back on the wagon son! Don't make me start sending you daily, "Get the F up and get to the gym" texts.
If you're still working nights then go for it! I actually prefer to work out at 6am. At night, it's filled with inconsiderate clueless people. The people who are there at 6am are there to get things accomplished.

Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
dwass325 gets back in shape

Way to make me feel fat.

Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Good cologne choice
Best smelling stuff out there, in my opinion

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Still looking good bro.
You too bud!
Originally Posted by jacques chirac View Post
I don't see what is ridiculous by robbing with a sword.A sword in one od the most lethal wepon !!!

It's more easy to kill with a sword than with a gun.

A sword is more frightening than toy-looking gun like glock.

robbing with a sword is a good thing
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