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Originally Posted by DINxiAN View Post
Name: DINxiAN
Car: '01 330xi m54B30
Mods: ebay headers, custom dual exhaust, evosport pullies, dinan TB, shark injector, K&N Fipk - 57 and FDM
Peak: 196 whp / 201 ftlbs torque
Dyno: mustang
after my two pulls the guy observing the dyno said my engine was being starved fuel and that I needed a better tune. what do you think???
The shark is fine.

Burn your Krappy and Nasty intake with fire and buy something better. The two best (are both no longer made, you'll have to find a used one) are the Dinan CF long tube and the GruppeM.

For new options, go with the aFe stage II

EDIT: Your actually technically burning rich. Your numerical fuel to air ratio is below 13.0:1 up where you're making peak power. The ideal number is technically accepted to be 14.7:1, but that varies on some conditions including opinion.

What can happen is your intake can create a strange vortex (or something) in your MAF. When the MAF sensor reads incorrectly, it will adjust the engine incorrectly. That may be what is happening to your car. Check out this link from Iceman's sig:

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