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Originally Posted by Bmw_fever View Post
so you're going to run it without software?
not at all. buying tuning from rms for 900usd. got 28lbs. injectors, 3.0'' to 3.5'' couplers ( for the maf ) on the way. now i'm just trying to figure out what pulley size i need to make 7.5-8lbs of boost. i'm not going to run 13psi on stock internals. but i may want 9psi due to being 1500ft above sea level.

i know when boost my lude h23 i made 292whp @9psi here and when i was in california i made 319whp @ 8psi. this is far from my first build. i have been into boosting cars since 2001. i got a couple cool turbocharged cars here. my first beamer build though. i was very frustrated with e46 and its dual vanos, being unable to tune properly with standalones; since thats all i'm used to.

wel have a good one- Lee

heres a link to my other daily driver, to my knowledge its 1 of 4 fully built one in the world.
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