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Yesterday was not a great day for my diet, given it was a Friday and I spent the entire day in internal meetings. I had a shake (60g protein) and two Kashi granola bars in the morning, club sandwich (albeit a HUGE one) for lunch, four steak tacos (from a local place with high quality meat) for dinner, and then a casein shake.

Slept in today. My body needed it. First meal was the same today (60g shake and two Kashi bars) now off to do cardio. Hitting the Chicago auto show tomorrow. My dad's enthusiasm for cars would make most E46Fanatics blush...I may need to carb up for it...

Probably going to lift Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday locally, then will hit the gym Saturday/Sunday and maybe Monday when I'm out of town for the weekend.

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That's cool, being able to get back home the same day. I know you were doing some overnight traveling last year, which can be rough on lifts. So are you cutting cals right now or just cleaning up your diet to start with?

You're back is huge btw.
Last job had more overnight trips because we had a wider client base. At my new company, we deal more closely with a smaller group. It works out to shorter trips. I'm seeing 3 clients in Detroit. Previously, if I had made such a trip, I'd need to see 6-8 clients for the old company to consider it a worthwhile expense.

As for the diet, I am not counting much at all. Just trying to eat clean.

And thanks
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