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Originally Posted by Tchleung View Post
I would look into mounting depth. As there is not a lot of room between the radiator and the snout on the water pump where the old fan mounted onto. This is the most common issue. I've been looking at doing this too and if I can find a fan replacement that would guarantee to cool BETTER then the factory fan, then I would cut off the threaded snout of my new water pump giving me an extra 1.5" clearance and making it permanently electric only.

I don't see why this won't work though. The biggest issue with people is that they don't realize how much an improvement having a full shroud makes. I have been contemplating using a Zirgo 3365cfm fan and modifying the factory shroud to seal around the Zirgo fan.
Yeah that's one concern I had. I think it should work simply because e46 non-Ms convert from mechanical to electric all the time without issue, and they have the same mounting mechanism. If you think about it, there's enough room to back the mechanical fan out all the way without it getting stuck, and the electric fan wouldn't have that 32mm nut sticking off it.

One of these days I should borrow one of my non-M friends' fans and see how the fitment is

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