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Well, 2 months later, & I'm still trying chase this problem down.. This morning, I finally decided to go have someone look at it. It's a local guy that specializes in BMW/Mercedes. I've been told this dude is as honest as they come & charges next to nothing to diagnose it..

So far, I've replaced the fuel filter, 6 plugs, 5 coils, and the blower motor resistor. I was hoping any of that would've helped. Nope. I'm still getting the code for misfire on different cylinders. So, today, I thought I'd swap coils one last time to see if it would follow the coil.

I pulled off coil #5 & saw the coil full of what looked like water drops! I looked down into the plug hole & saw water surrounding the plug! I checked cyl #4 & that was dry. I moved over to #6 & that one was worse! The pug was completely submerged under water! WTF!!!

I don't know much about motors, but I'm assuming that there's not supposed to be water down there, right?? I did go to the car wash this morning & pressure wash the car. I never opened the hood & washed the engine comp. though!

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
2001 325i
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