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Originally Posted by rover220 View Post
Quite amazing to think how many things they are doing. F1 racing teams, sponsoring all kinds of extreme sports like rallye teams and snowboarders/skiers, the Red Bull air races etc. And to think it all comes from that ridiculous energy drink....

But this is very cool, look forward to the videos!
Red Bull are just a marketing company that happens to sell a drink they didn't even invent (it's Thai and Red Bull do not sell their product in Thailand - it is a similar, but different drink sold by the inventors of the drink). They have a habit of owning their marketing effort - hence Red Bull & Torro Rosso F1, Red Bull New York and Red Bull Salzburg soccer teams, Red Bull Air Races, etc, etc. Generally, if Red Bull get involved they get involved as owners. A decent percentage of their income now comes from prize money for the sports teams they own.
They are perhaps the pinnacle of how food is being sold now - some of the biggest businesses in the food industry are massive marketing companies that happen to sell food. It's mind blowing the effects they have had on the marketplace - they understand their customer's needs so well that a lot of them essentially drive the retailers strategies for branded goods.
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