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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
Pulling the valve cover won't help you, lol! Some of the valves are probably broken off, and there is probably some damage to the pistons. Like I said, people just find a used M20 and swap it in, since they're so cheap. Decent engine with decent miles for $500 all day long.

As far as other stuff to worry about, not really. I'd just look for rust and solid, up-to-date mechanicals. It's a given that many of the hoses and lines will be old...same for bushings and rusty bolts. Old car, use common sense. Generally a Hennarot car that doesn't look faded has been well taken care of, which is why I say that's probably a good buy.
Exactly what he said I got an 85 325e for free that had snapped the timing belt on start up. Luckily it just needed a new head, hoses and misc junk. I didnt finish the job since I never had time between work and school...and money...lol. I gave it to a friend...since the $500 we agreed on never materialized in my hand... I gave him a spare motor and an 885 head (out of a "i" car). The 325e is a 2.7L and putting an "i" head on it essentially makes it a hybrid. Here is a pic I found of it. I really miss her though. I will be getting another one once I get back to the States.

Mini is caged..BMW is slammed...Touareg on 22's! Old pic!
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