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Originally Posted by Sound Performance View Post
I have a M3 now at the shop where the customer wants to hit 1K with a billet 76. I am now slightly afraid of the HPF log type manifold as being a restriction that will prevent us from hitting our goal. After seeing the results of Chris's car with a 82mm turbo, I think that we may need to explore the realms of a custom tubular manifold.
SAAD racing has a jig for a tubular manifold for the E46. Jason has one.
The other alternative is to split the Steed on the weld, and port the heck out of it. There is ample metal available that can be removed and or shaped. Then add a larger waste gate. That is the route we are taking. I will let you all know if was worth the effort and expense.
My shop's owner thinks this is a more viable alternative to a very expensive tubular mani. Only if you have a Steed to begin with. We shall see... Otherwise, especially if the turbo is larger than 71mm, do the tubular.

The intake tube and filter need to be changed and modified too. It can be done and still retain the AC. Ours is a stock HPF 4" shortened and a much larger airfilter from AFS added. For really large turbos, removal of the AC and a custom set up is most likely the best bet.

@ Burgermass. Those 2150FIC are pretty big even for a 67mm turbo. Seems like they did the trick, however. We have the same for our 71mm. Did you find you had to set the idle at around 1000rpm or higher to get it smooth? Static fuel pressure at around 45psi?
Also, did you ever consider the Southbend feramic single disk Stage 3 clutch? Just curious.

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