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The ID2000s and FIC2150s while great injectors can still have idle issues in certain situations. I think a large part of injector stability is the driver/ecu itself. I resigned from SSA a few weeks ago and am currently in freelance limbo while I prepare for my move to NY.. I had a job offer in NY about a year ago and just sat on it and sat on it, then finally I grew a pair and decided it was what I wanted to do so I'm going for it . I will still be a ProEFI dealer up in NY..

I think getting a smooth idle on the E46 has a little more to do with the cam.. The factory idle target is 950 if I remember correctly from looking at the factory ROM.. I targeted 950 for idle control on the shop M3.. I didn't spend alot of timing getting it to idle smooth since we were always rushing to get stuff done when we worked on the car to get it to the track.

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