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Originally Posted by LivesNearCostco View Post
Ha ha, that was fun to watch! It's like you're slapping a horse on the butt to make it go faster.

Here's my ZHP going through the same course last year. I'm not driving as fast as you were, shifting at 6,000 RPM instead of redline, and obviously m not having nearly as much fun as you did!
Hey it's the Costco guy! When I saw your user name I was like "I've seen that name on the speedventures list before". Anyways, yeah I was treating my zhp like a horse a bit cause it didn't wanna go any faster haha but it was very fun to drive. By the looks of the video you showed me and the ride along I did with you at Buttonwillow recently, you seem to have your lines figured out ok for the most part, but you're not pushing it too much, like revving at 6k is not a good idea considering our cars dont have a lot of power in the mid range, so you wanna be on the higher revs as much as possible. My times for example improved by over a second in ACS for down shifting to 2nd rather than 3rd on turns like the "penis head", I tried 3rd and I was coming out way too slow and I was wot. Think about it, hope to see you at the next ACS event on the 25th (I think). Eitherway your doing fine, when u get closer to 2:03 at ACS let me know so we can battle it out hehe
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