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A small update. Due to cold weather I didn't have much time to work. I started replacement of transmission seals.
This Lesley puller I ordered off Amazon and it worked well for shifter shaft seal:

Ordered 36mm thin walled deep impact socket (12 pts) off ebay for $20 shipped, worked like a charm:

BTW, Bentley manual has a bug: in the chapter about removing the output flange they say it is 30mm nut. Wrong, it is 36mm one (at least on 6 spd tranny).

To remove the output flange I used a puller I usually use for my Toyota when I replace a timing belt (to remove the harmonic balancer pulley):

To remove the output shaft seal I used a different seal puller, also bought from Amazon (Mountain (MTN1893) Heavy Duty Seal Puller):

Also unbolted 3 bolts (17mm) that hold a torque converter to a flywheel. Note, they are pretty short (about a half inch in length) and 2 of these bolts fell into the bell housing and stuck between the flywheel and engine. Not a big deal for me, since all the stuff is coming off anyway but be aware of this if you install the auto transmission, use magnetic extension instead of regular one.

Next nearest steps: a) finish seals (including the front one) b) finally remove the autotranny.

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