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0) I bought the car from my friend for very cheap price (he bought a new e92 and needed to get rid of this one);
1) already have invested substantial amount of money and efforts in the car;
2) mechanically it is in much better shape than many newer e46s on the market;
3) I like pre-facelifted coupes and don't like facelifted ones; there are no 6 spd manual pre-facelifted coupes (other than M3s), so I am making a kind of unique car!
4) even if extend the search to facelifted ones - still, way too overpriced and pretty rare;
5) selling the car and buying another one - guaranteed loss of money due to taxes, registration, etc; my previous fixes to the car will not be payed due to the car's age and mileage regardless to the item 2;
6) and finally - this is just a fun project, I like to work on the car and it is a pleasure to do something like this.

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