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What everyone needs to understand about the DISA, there are many parts to it that can fail, not just the butterfly shaft.

The $92 fix only addresses one failure mode of the DISA and it does not really do that so well in my opinion.

In addition to the butterfly valve, there is a vacuum actuator that does fail and when it does, guess what, another vacuum leak and the DISA does not perform properly.

There is an electrical solenoid that controls the valve that can fail and leak vacuum as well and will not control the DISA.

I have not seen this, but it is possible the DISA case could crack and leak vacuum as well.

A new DISA is about $175 on line and if you replace it with a new one, chances are you will never need to replace it again as long as you own your car.

If it was me, I would never waste the time or money to partially fix the DISA when the partial fix is about 65-70% the cost of a completely new unit.

Just something to think about while you ponder buying some partial rebuild kit.
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