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can anyone help with this? i'm thinking that the camera is either defective, or not receiving enough power. any suggestions how to check this? the camera power is tapped into the passenger side reverse light.

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been reading this thread for the past 2 months, and finally felt confident enough to try it. install, wiring, etc went well, but ran into a problem.

when i put my car in reverse, the Dynavin (D99) switches to camera, but the screen is black, and there is a small camera icon in the top left of the screen. any ideas?

instead of soldering wires (from camera power to reverse light), i used t-taps to splice. could this have any affect on this? also, i used 22-gauge hookup wire to extend the reverse wire (the green wire from behind the Dynavin) to the trunk. could that have any affect on this? just trying to do some detective work...

thanks for any help!
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