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Well, where do I start???
Saturday, I had the water issues.* So, I vacuumed all the water out & placed the boots back on the plugs.* I started it up & the check engine light went away & it ran awesome!* I drove it around all that day & a little on Sunday w/ no issues.* I drove it to work yesterday w/ no issues.* Driving home last night, the damn check engine light came on!!!* I got home & scanned it, & it said low coolant temp..* OK, no biggie, I can change out the thermostat..* So, I cleared the code & parked it for the night.* This morning, on the way to work, the check engine light comes on again & it starts running like crap again!!* I'm seriously about to run this thing into the Miss. River...* So, I get to work & scan it, & it says misfire - cylinder #5...* As I was driving here, it finally started running better, so I cleared the code again.* We'll see what happens this evening on the drive home.
If it comes on again for one of the cylinders, I'm going to have to finally cave in & take it to someone else...* I've been spinning my wheels since Oct trying to chase this problem down & obviously, I'm missing something..
2001 325i
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