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Dilla's Progress Thread.

Well, I've decided to start one too. My primary focus for the next 4 weeks is to try a cut. I have never tried a full cut before as I have been lucky enough to have a great metabolism and can eat whatever. I have decided to wait another year to compete in a bodybuilding competition due to the fact that I am moving twice this year, and changing schools to finish out my engineering degree. I think it will be better to build up more mass and develop my week points over the next year. I have been lifting for about 6 months now since I have had eye surgery. Prior to my surgery I wasn't able to lift for 6 months, due to the risk or my cornea tearing completely and loosing my eye. Prior to that, I was just recovering from my ankle surgery and a few months in to heavy lifting again. Now I have finally reached 180, from 160ish post surgery. I am currently at 10.3% +/- 3% bodyfat. My diet prior to this cut wasn't horrible, although I intaked about 4000-5000 calories a day, I ate red meat 3-4 times a week, but did have a bunch of carbs. Now I am focusing my diet to more leafy greens and chicken/fish, and also starting cardio 3-4 times a week outside of my weekly hockey game.

My goal by spring break is to maintain muscle mass while trimming all the fat I can to see all my abs and more definition, after that, I'll probably go back to a bulk, we will see.

Here was my leg workout today, it consisted of a primary focus on quads, next leg day will focus on hams.

•Leg Extensions:•50 lb x 15 reps (+11 pts)
•100 lb x 12 reps (+15 pts)
115 lb x 12 reps (+17 pts)
•115 lb x 12 reps (+17 pts)

•Barbell Squat:•135 lb x 10 reps (+68 pts)
•135 lb x 12 reps (+69 pts)
•185 lb x 12 reps (+97 pts)
•185 lb x 10 reps (+95 pts)
•225 lb x 8 reps (+120 pts)
•225 lb x 8 reps (+120 pts)
245 lb x 5 reps (+121 pts)
•135 lb x 15 reps (+72 pts)
Focused on full range of motion, "ass to grass".

•Leg Press:•280 lb x 15 reps (+38 pts)
•370 lb x 10 reps (+49 pts)
•460 lb x 9 reps (+65 pts)
•540 lb x 7 reps (+81 pts)
630 lb x 5 reps (+99 pts)
Knees down to touching my chest.

•Barbell Lunges:•65 lb x 12 reps (+37 pts)
•95 lb x 10 reps (+44 pts)
135 lb x 8 reps (+56 pts)
•135 lb x 7 reps (+54 pts)
Reps are per leg

•Seated Leg Curl:•60 lb x 12 reps (+12 pts)
•80 lb x 9 reps (+13 pts)
100 lb x 5 reps (+13 pts)
Reps are per leg (one legged curls).

•Seated Calf Raise:45 lb x 20 reps (+11 pts)
•45 lb x 15 reps (+11 pts)
•45 lb x 15 reps (+11 pts)
•45 lb x 15 reps (+11 pts)
•45 lb x 10 reps (+10 pts)
Still not comfortable stacking on the weight because of my ankle surgery. I don't have full range of motion. Slow reps.

•Elliptical Trainer:0:15:00 || Moderate (+113 pts)
First day doing cardio in a while. (outside of playing hockey).

Today for food I had:
Whole oats, with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg.
(2) Whole wheat toast with honey
Honey Milk shake.

Mid lunch:
ON whey protein 1 scoop, 20 oz of skim.
a few baby carrots

Corn tortilla burrito with black beans, brown rice, half grilled chicken breast, and dash of salsa.
Salad with cucumbers, very small amount of dressing.

Whole chicken breast
steamed Broccolli
salad with small amount of dressing and some carrots.

Going to have another ON whey shake with 20 skim. I'm still pretty damn hungry.

Honey Milk
ON Whey
ON Creatine
Omega-3 pills
Animal Pack.

Drank a gallon of water today, plus another glass.

Open to any advice/comments. Thanks!
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