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Originally Posted by geoffriehl View Post
ok guys, I finally have something to contribute! After chasing misfire and lean codes, and installing an air pump I did not need, I finally located and fixed my issue. If you get lean codes, misfires, at cold start up a little of a choppy idle but THAT bad, maybe a slight lack of acceleration, but not that bad...plugs and coils are good...check the DISA valve gasket! (sorry, dont have pics)

easy to remove, anyone reading this can figure it out...once it is out, and you can see flat spots...scrape the old orange gasket out....clean it real well, go to Advance, and buy a $2.00 Fel Pro gasket PN 35489 for a 1991 to 1994 Ford Probe...it fits like a glove! Seat the gasket in there, coat it in oil, set the valve and alternate tightening the bolts up, it fits PERFECT and AIR TIGHT!

Fixed me right up! and thanks to the guys on here for the suggestion to check that

Any questions, hit me up

Thank you so much for this fix. I bought two gaskets from Advance Auto last night and the car now runs great. No more P0171 or P0174 codes so far. I think that the problem is finally gone.
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