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How about vanos gasket, front crank seal, and front timing cover gasket. (all rare, i'm sure)

Then there's the seal that goes on the engine cover under the oil cap. that circular one. Although I think that may be more for aesthetics than leaks.

Looks like I need to do that vanos line. mines a bit caked with oil residue but not outright leaking. And I didn't do it on purpose, but i've reused the vanos line crush washers 3x and they haven't leaked one drop. still bone dry around those. I'll get around to replacing them but they're just a bit tricky to track down once you've forgotten to order them. I'll wait til I have to order more parts so I can include those little guys. local dealer wants $3.50 each for the washers when they're online for 25 cents a pop...
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