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7. Rear main seal
Usually on higher mileage cars as well. It leaks between where the transmission mounts to the engine. This is not an e46 but is what it looks like when a rear main seal leaks.

Part number needed:
Rear main seal kit: 11-14-1-438-274
Just the seal: 11-14-2-249-533
I recommend doing the kit as it comes with the mounting plate and the gasket for the plate. Its always better to replace it while you are in there. Plus if you do just the seal you have to make sure you have it seated flush when you install it. If you buy the kit, it comes seated in the housing already.
On the Rear Main Seal.... is that pretty obvious? I have had my mechanic look twice now with a lift and he cant find where the oil leak is coming from. This is after he sprayed the underside clean and I drove it a few days. I only notice a drop or two when I park the car. It does not keep dripping if it sets for a few days at a time. I just had the Oil Separator and attached hoses changed hoping that an old hose may be the culprit but no.

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