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Originally Posted by zaharias View Post
Check your power steering fluid level also..

If it's the OFHG you will see oil behind the OFH under the intake manifold..
Yeah it was wet around the PS fluid holder and a little low last week. I bought a new o-ring gasket for the cap. No more seepage now. As I looked around last night its a little wet at what I believe is the oil to vanos hose. I took both the engine covers off last night and it was dry around the shelf above the exhaust and everywhere else except for this vanos hose ....without taking any more parts off. My mechanic checked the vanos unit Monday (errors and codes) when he was replacing the oil separator and hoses and it showed to be working right. This vanos hose may be a different story tho. I didnt have him replace it.

UPDATE ...added some pics of leak after removing airbox

Power steering cooling lines from side view...

Power steering cooling lines from top view...

VANOS to Oil Filter Housing hose...

VANOS to Oil Filter Housing hose...

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