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Originally Posted by stockgp View Post
didyou ever get this worked out? my driver's side is doing the same thing
I thought it was fixed
What kind of shocks and rear shock mounts do you have, and how old are they?
How much leaking do you get?
Are you sure it's the mount & not the trunk seal? (the dealer insisted that was the cause lol)

I had everything removed, cleaned & sanded from the underside to be sure it was smooth, there was a tiny bit of surface corrosion, nothing that would interfere. Then sprayed some primer & put some black gummy stuff as an added sealant along with the new paper gaskets.
It was good for awhile but the passenger side is leaking again.
At this point, I just sprayed some Anti-Rust stuff on it and give it a wipe & spray it again when required.

Next time I remove any of those parts I will put a new OEM mount, but at this point as long as my battery stays clean & dry it will have to do.
With the luck I have had my new rear M3 Bilsteins are probably leaking too !
The rear suspension issues NEVER end.
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