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Originally Posted by CynicalWry
Where in MD are you?

hey i noticed you have alpine HU also... did u do the insatll yourself?... do u have the HK w/ stock amp?... i have it and i have to pay someone a lot to "rewire" it and also install my HU cuz i have no clue wat all the wires are in the back... please get back to me asap thanks!!!! cuz i talked to the circuit city guys ( yea i kno dont ask) the guy has been working on cars for like 5-6 years now i guess and they said he knows how... o and i got a offfer from someone else is maryland.. i just want some feedback as 2 how hard it actually is... cuz the HU i have alpine 7995 needs a 4 chan... lemmi know!!! o btw did u change out ur speakers? if so wat kind and wat other kinds will fit?

BTW i'm in MD also... otheres have set up a event couple weeks ago.. we should set another one up soon great weather coming up!!! we can fill up the whole parking lot of Uni Maryland!!! w00t!!!

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