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Originally Posted by sea6speed View Post
If the car is in immaculate condition and he manages to find a low mileage engine form another ZHP, $14k is realistic. That said, it seems unlikely that someone that can't scrape together enough to replace an engine is driving an otherwise immaculate ZHP.
It's known as credit. Just because you can borrow enough to buy the car, it does not mean you have the income necessary to pay for a new engine. I see people all the time driving cars that are obviously above their income level. They are usually young, and living with their parents, and the car is their only
expense. That actually describes 90% of the heavily modified Subie drivers out there. That is also why you see cars with $3000 wheels, and the cheapest Chinese crap tires on them. They can't afford to buy the good 19in tires, after the first set of quality tires are wasted in parking lot burnouts. Whenever I see a young guy with a set of very expensive wheels on a car, I always look to see what tires it has. More often than not, it is a bald set of cheap, crappy tires. I saw a set of wheels in the classified section of this site a few weeks ago, on sale for $2000 or so, with a worn out set of Nanking tires on them. And yes, I know that I strayed way off topic here.
BTW - "Imaculate", and "Well Maintained" can mean a lot of things. I have looked at tons of used cars that are described that way. "Imaculate" means that they kept it really clean and polished. "Well Maintained" means they changed the oil, and kept a set of matching tires on it. Which, for aging BMW's, does not mean a damn thing. *****But just to be clear, I AM NOT saying that is the case with the OP's car. He can explain what service was done to any potential buyers, and they can decide for themselves. I have no idea what he has done to care for his car.****
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