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Originally Posted by TurnersInOz View Post
Radar, I just installed the MS-8 today as well. Not nearly as nice as yours, great job!
Question for you: How did you wire the inputs to the MS-8? I am using the high level inputs (coming from factory nav HU) but the MS-8 does not see the rear speakers. If I put the amp in 2 ch mode they come on so I know they are fine.
Any suggestions?
Where'd you get the sub enclosure? That really looks awesome!

Thank you,
Originally Posted by Bimmekid91 View Post
That is a clean setup. WIN!!

First off, thanks for the kind words!

I am not 100% on the OEM nav unit, but I'm assuming they are very similar. All you need to do is pull the signal from the two front speakers between the HU and the OEM amp. That's BEFORE the amp. A guy on here TECHNICS sells a harness that makes life really easy, but it's $75. But either way, that signal gets soldered to the channel 1/2 input wires on the MS-8. IMPORTANT: Make sure all unused wires (input harness and output harness) are sealed individually from each other through use of copious amounts of electrical tape, etc.; they are always hot even if not used. When you say the MS-8 doesn't see the rear speakers, what do you mean by that? The 8 will "make" a signal for all of the speakers from just the front left and right signals. What powers the rears? Can you break down your power structure for me, sorta like i did, but simply?)
In your setup, you are telling the 8 that you have rears, correct?

I built the sub enclosure myself. It's about .8 cubic feet, which is perfect for the IDQ12v2.D4 (my subwoofer driver). I have seen some nice setups using the ski-pass, etc. but the back corner seems to be optimal, so that's what I had to have! Lol

Let me know, I can try to help whatever way I can. You can call me if that would be easier. Pm me for the number, if so.
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