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Originally Posted by TurnersInOz View Post
Thank you Radar, I suppose a bit of clarity on my setup would help! (Sorry 'bout that)
From the radio I've got four channels out. This used to run into a four channel amp, which has now been replaced by the MS-8 and an MB Quart four channel amp. The MS-8 also feeds another MB Quart that powers the sub.
Since the BMW harness was already cut for the old amp, I simply re-made those splices and ran them into the MS-8 hi level input. Ch 1 = LF, Ch 2 = RF, Ch 3 = LR, Ch 4 = RR, Ch 5/6 = Sub.
During the MS-8 xover setup, the fronts are seen (i.e. I can set the type, one way in this case as they have their own crossover) but when I get to the rear the MS-8 reports (none), and this is the only option I have.
After I've completed the setup the fronts are working, but I've got nothing from the rears.
And yes, I've individually taped all the unused inputs!
I would try this:
1) Only connect the front left to channel 1 input and front right to channel 2 input. These should be full range signals and it's all the ms-8 needs. And that's perfect that you taped off the rest individually to protect them.
2) In SETUP, tell MS-8 you have sides, no rears. I think if you tell it you have no sides, it will assume you have no rears either. It's just a label and won't change the rears "sides".
3) Make sure your sub is assigned to channel 7 OR 8. Anything else and it won't work.
4) If the 8 won't be powering any speakers (sounds like it isn't), then don't even connect the output harness. If it is, tape off all wires that are not used, just like you did with the inputs.

Let me know what happens. I think #2 (above) is your problem-solver! TRY IT FIRST.

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