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Originally Posted by jeffb325@DynavinSolutions View Post
yeah.....MS-8 is an nice piece.....I almost lost my mind getting it right..... but oh how right it is!
Lol, yeah, it's like that "trust exercise" where you fall backwards into someone else's arms. You have to let the ms-8 do it's crossover settings, no tone settings, no balance, no fade, ugh! It's frikkin' hard to let go, ain't it??

Scott, something you might want to do is put a small capacitor in line with the tweeters, one thats a value that's lower than your cover freq. It's always a good idea when going active. Just in case your system has a hiccup, the tweeter won't get fried. I learned this too late, and my favorite set of silk domes went into the trash can.

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