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Originally Posted by steven747 View Post
can't roll or pull because of body work and i don't want to rub. I've heard a guy with the exact setup with 255's squared and major work was required
Let me ask you this first...what suspension are you running?

Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
255 square on the streets? Post videos of the getaway videos. Or information supporting the need of tire at current power level. Even on the track, these cars are hitting the same/better times with less tire? I'm confused.
I'm running that on my summer set up. It's great. I'm sure even 245's would be sufficient, but at that point if you can fit 255's why not. It handles like it's on rails. The stock zhp has 255's in the rear, so you're really only helping the front by reducing understeer.

Originally Posted by DarkJoker View Post
power level unknown yet will know in 2-3 weeks time
i did it for grip and not power
i did it because i can

sorry secono330ci for the mini jack
I dont care, the more discussion the better.
I did it for the same reason originally. Now that my car is a lot lighter and a bit more powerful, I actually need this set up. Since it's winter now, I'm running 225 square dunlop winter sports (winter tires are very grippy) and it's NOTHING like my summer set up...and my Nitto Invos are SHOT.

Originally Posted by murph1379 View Post
Wow, 255 is easy... 265 is a minor challenge, but not a big deal, just need a fender roll in the rear. Getting the right offset wheels is the key. We use 9" wheels, but I'd think 9.5" would not be that dramatically worse if you stick to 255s. But then, I'm running 2.5* of camber rear and 2* camber for street driving up front.
That's about the same camber I'm running as well, good point. I dont know how easy 265's will be tho. The problem isn't the rear tire clearance, but the front. It needs to clear the strut, but at the same time have enough room to turn and not rip the fender out. It really is a game of trial and error.

This calculator helps a lot

Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
Oh...and the "$300 here, $600 there" scenario will turn into "$3000 here, $6000 there". I've had an enourmous amount of labor put into my car. (Luckily the majority of it was done by myself) Also, I've spent over $5k on my tool set since I started my project. You've been warned...
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