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Originally Posted by yash View Post
It(the fuel) is not getting in at all. I even tried to do that using a fuel can but even then the fuel is coming out. Now the fuel level is very low(I doubt it's even empty becoz the car is not crankng up). I am looking to try DIY (coz I got sick after waiting for 3 mechanics for 3 consecutive weeks), but the fuel problem sounds strange,....for CV boots and springs(I forgot tell about this) I need to buy another jack coz I jave just one to lift ther car up....please advise.....
The car isn't cranking at all? That might be a dead battery.

Look around the forum. There are DIY instructions for every one of the issues you noted. Except for the gas tank thing, that's just weird...maybe try to borescope the fill tube and see if something is stuck in there?
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