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Okay, how about being more descriptive with these issues? Can you send a thin tube down to the tank bottom such as 1/2" clear vinyl tubing? Go buy a 5' cutting and probe the fill neck path. Maybe someone stuffed a tennis ball in there? You don't need a scope just a simple hose to where you can feed it down and blow bubbles in the fuel. If the hose won't go down, an obstruction may be present. Don't try and ram it through!

You say it won't crank now? A simple battery charge may be in order. But you have to tell us the no start symptom with info like the lights dim when you hit the key. Or it's making a clicking noise. The oil and coolant indicators will come on with a slight amount down but you absolutely have to verify how far down things are. No low fluid condition will prevent cranking.

Longer posts with accurate info. are better then bits and pieces we have to try and assemble.
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