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Originally Posted by john311tran View Post
what about going from regular to sport shocks.. i'm assuming i will need sport springs as well right? i want to most likely stick with OEM. germans know what they were doing when they were building the 325xi.

For the Xi, there is no difference between sport and non-sport in terms of OE suspension. It is all the same high riding soft suspension. The Germans definitely knew what they were doing, they were giving you extra ground clearance for "situations you may encounter due to ownership of AWD".

Originally Posted by shadow 2 View Post
None of these fit xi models.
^ This.

Get Koni yellow adjustables and Eibach Pro-Kit springs. Buy both from Tire Rack. Also replace your upper strut mounts, upper shock mounts, the upper and lower rubber bits on the front struts, and any hardware removed during the install (upper strut bolts, pinch bolts, upper shock bolts, rear shock gasket, etc). You are also going to need an alignment done when you complete this job.

This is going to cost you ~$1k when you're all done.
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