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Originally Posted by yash View Post
Yeah I can do that. The lights don't go dim but it's making a clicking noise while trying to start.The vehicle is out in the snow (our complex doesnt have any garages for cars). The mechanic told that the oil leak was very minimal and suggested to do the gaskets(oil filter housing and valve cover) within like 2 months(but this situation is like after 3 weeks and that too because the mechanics did not show up as said). As I said the coolant was topped off during the oil change. I checked the coolant level(knob) last sunday and its very low. I cant understand why everything shows up right after coming back from the oil change and vehicle inspection. As of now this is all the information I have. I will check the oil level today evening. Please guide me if I have to check anything else.
If your coolant is low after 3 weeks, you have a leak somewhere. Don't bother screwing around trying to find it in the cold, just replace the cooling system to be safe. It's ~$350 for parts plus whatever labor if you decide to take it to a shop. If you think that's expensive, you should see how much a new engine/head gasket + install costs...

Originally Posted by yash View Post
I wanted to know some things like, these problems are not connected (if anything in the engine activates the fuel shut-off or something like that) etc., If I can know right away about what to fix, I would n't be here. Excuse me guyz, if anyone feels like a ranting
Yes, the rev limiter but I don't think that's the issue here...

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